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Breast Augmentation in Broward County, Miami and West Palm Beach Florida

breast augmentation west palm beach, broward county

Breast augmentations in Broward County are one of the most common, cosmetic procedure done in the USA. The procedure corrects the deformity of the female breast associated with small size, asymmetry or the deflation of tissue that occurs with pregnancy. Breast Augmentation in West Palm Beach can increase breast size, lift breasts, equalize breast size, reshape and reconstruct breasts and can decrease the size of the breasts. Women can have breast surgery, but typically breast augmentation in West Palm Beach is used to increase breast size.

Surgical Techniques

The procedure is accomplished by placing an implant under the muscle or breast to ultimately enlarge the breasts.

There are two type of implants available, one implant is made of a silicone shell, filled with saline (salt water) and the second type of implant called a silicone implant is a silicone shell, filled with a silicone gel material. This procedure is usually done under general anesthesia.

Possible Complications

The complications of these procedures are usually minor and limited. The more significant risks include hematoma (bleeding under skin), capsular contracture (a hardened capsule around the implant) and the other concerns including infection and/or change in sensation. Fortunately, these complications are usually quite limited and most patients are extremely pleased with the results of their breast augmentation in Broward County.

Time Off Work

Usually patient will require less than one week off work. For patients who have physically, demanding jobs, some restrictions in heavy lifting may be required. A similar limitation of activity may be required for patients who participate with heavy exercise.

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